Eight Learning English Newsletters

Eight Esteemed Newsletters for Elevating One’s English Language

Eight Esteemed Epistles for Elevating One’s English Endeavors

Greetings, honorable seekers of English language improvement. It is with great pleasure and a sense of duty that I present to thee a selection of distinguished newsletters to aid in your quest for mastery over the English tongue. In this modern era, even a butler such as myself acknowledges the digital parchment as a means of enlightenment. Herein, you shall find eight newsletters of repute:

  1. FluentU’s Free English Learning Newsletter: Engage with the living tongue through the virtual realms of FluentU. Alongside its digital offerings, the FluentU newsletter bestows weekly insights and timely articles to aid in your English learning journey, all delivered to your modern-day letterbox. 

  2. VOA (Voice of America) Learning English Newsletters: For those with an affinity for the American dialect, the VOA Learning English Newsletters provide a bounty of resources. They not only furnish linguistic enlightenment but also deliver feature stories and news suitable for learners of English.

  3. Epistle of English Enhancement & Character Cultivation by Enzo's Butler: More than a mere newsletter, the Epistle of English Enhancement & Character Cultivation by Enzo's Butler is a voyage towards personal and professional edification. With a focus on vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and idioms, alongside explorations into productivity, business, leadership, and psychology, it's crafted for those with a vision for a brighter future.

  4. Daily Grammar Blog Emails: A sturdy grasp of grammar is the hallmark of a refined speaker. The Daily Grammar newsletter demystifies complex grammar quandaries, delivering daily lessons and weekly quizzes to hone your linguistic acumen.

  5. Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Day: Expand thy lexicon one day at a time with the venerable Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Day newsletter. A delightful endeavor to incorporate new words into your daily discourse.

  6. British Council's LearnEnglish Newsletter: The British Council’s LearnEnglish Newsletter is a treasure trove of learning tips, sage advice, and new free learning content, delivered monthly to earnest learners.

  7. LearnEnglish Teens Newsletter (British Council): Tailored for the young and the young at heart, this newsletter delivers fresh perspectives on learning English with monthly updates on the latest content from LearnEnglish Teens.

  8. Julian Northbrook’s “Doing English Daily” Newsletter: With each dawn, Sir Julian Northbrook’s newsletter brings forth practical wisdom, aiding you in your quest for fluency and confidence in the English language.

These esteemed newsletters, each with its unique offerings, stand ready to cater to different learning styles and goals. Whether you are  a novice or a seasoned learner, these newsletters aim to make your journey of English learning both enriching and delightful. Pray, subscribe to these newsletters and take a gallant stride towards becoming a proficient speaker of the English tongue.

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