Phrasal Verb - Make up

Real English Examples

We make up stories all the time.

Seth Godin - Akimbo - Hitsville

The middle two sections make up our limbic brains, and our limbic brains are responsible for all of our feelings, like trust and loyalty.

Start with why - How great leaders inspire action ~ Simon Sinek

So I'm talking about thoughts and feelings and the sort of physiological things that make up our thoughts and feelings, and in my case, that's hormones.

Your body language may shape who you are ~ Amy Cuddy

By printing money, the Central Bank can make up for the disappearance of credit with an increase in the amount of money.

How The Economic Machine Works ~ Ray Dalio

In this chapter we are going to step back and look at these three big forces and how they interact to make up our experiences.

How The Economic Machine Works ~ Ray Dalio

It's made up of a few simple parts and a lot of simple transactions that are repeated over and over again a zillion times.

How The Economic Machine Works ~ Ray Dalio

Additionally, governments create stimulus plans and increase their spending to make up for the decrease in the economy.

How The Economic Machine Works ~ Ray Dalio

According to a report by City & State New York, Black and Hispanic students make up 67% of New York City's public school population, but only 10% of its specialized high school students.

The role of education leadership in creating opportunities for underserved communities in New York City v2