Phrasal Verb - Stand out

Real English Examples

It takes guts to stand out like that.

How to start a movement ~ Derek Sivers

They won't stand out, they won't be ridiculed, but they will be part of the in-crowd if they hurry.

How to start a movement ~ Derek Sivers

First, of course you know, a leader needs the guts to stand out and be ridiculed.

How to start a movement ~ Derek Sivers

We want our brand to stand out, so we'll shop around for the best deals on promotional items.

Central Park Athletics: Guerilla Marketing Campaign

We understand that it's important to feel confident in your gear, and that's why we've put so much effort into making our products stand out.

Central Park Athletics: Intro v2

To truly stand out from the competition, we understand the importance of providing something unparalleled.

Subway Sounds: Intro

The pros of direct mail marketing are that it can be highly targeted and can stand out from other forms of advertising.

Subway Sounds: Marketing Analysis