Anchoring Bias ~ English Worksheet

Anchoring Bias ~ English Worksheet

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Enzo, a successful entrepreneur, is struggling with consistently paying more than he intends to in negotiations. His butler explains that this is due to the anchoring effect, a cognitive bias that influences decision-making based on initial information. Enzo realizes that he has been falling for this bias unknowingly, but with the awareness of it, he can work to mitigate its influence and improve his negotiation skills. The butler, with a mysterious smile, suggests that he is more than just a butler, leaving Enzo intrigued.

Level: Difficult Length: Medium

Worksheet pages: 33 Worksheet format: pdf

Worksheet Content: ✔️ Summary with Key Takeaways ✔️ Key Vocabulary ✔️ Comprehension Questions ✔️ True or False Statements ✔️ Connect Vocabulary to Definition ✔️ Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks ✔️ Phrasal Verbs Lesson ✔️ Phrasal Verbs Fill in the Blanks Exercises ✔️ Idioms and Phrases ✔️ Glossary ✔️ Answer Key

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