Precision Pioneers: The History of Bulova and New York ~ English Lesson

Precision Pioneers: The History of Bulova and New York ~ English Lesson

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Enzo, a curious gentleman, learns about the rich history of Bulova watches from his knowledgeable Butler in their sunlit study. The story of Joseph Bulova's ambition and innovative spirit in New York City captivates Enzo, leading him to consider adding a timeless Bulova watch to his collection. Enzo's newfound appreciation for the brand's legacy as a symbol of innovation and resilience leaves him eager to delve deeper into the world of Bulova watches.

Level: Intermediate Length: Medium

Worksheet pages: 34 Worksheet format: pdf

Worksheet Content

✔️ Summary with Key Takeaways ✔️ Key Vocabulary ✔️ Comprehension Questions ✔️ True or False Statements ✔️ Connect Vocabulary to Definition ✔️ Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks ✔️ Phrasal Verbs Lesson ✔️ Phrasal Verbs Fill in the Blanks Exercises ✔️ Idioms and Phrases ✔️ Glossary ✔️ Answer Key

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Key Vocabulary

  • watchmaking :: The making or repairing of watches
  • craftsmanship :: The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry
  • groundbreaking :: Innovative; pioneering
  • demeanor :: Outward behavior or bearing
  • vibrant :: Full of energy and life
  • jeweler :: A person or company that makes, repairs, or sells jewelry
  • skyscraper :: A very tall building with many stories
  • synchronize :: To cause to occur at the same time
  • sunlit :: Illuminated by sunlight
  • observatory :: A room or building designed for observing stars and planets
  • adorn :: To decorate or add beauty to something
  • peruse :: To read through with thoroughness or care
  • delve :: To investigate or research deeply
  • illustrious :: Well-known, respected, and admired for past achievements
  • hub :: A central point where activity or business is concentrated

Phrasal Verbs

  • buy out :: To purchase all of the shares in a company, gaining control of it
  • come up with :: To produce or think of something such as an idea or a plan.
  • hurry up :: To move or act quickly; to speed up
  • leave behind :: To leave something as a legacy or reminder for future generations.
  • mull over :: To think carefully and for a long time about something
  • put on :: To place or position something on one's body, usually referring to clothing or accessories.
  • rely on :: To trust or have confidence in someone or something for support or help
  • set aside :: To save or reserve something for a specific purpose or use.
  • set up :: To establish or create something, such as a business or organization, typically requiring effort and planning.
  • sit around :: To spend time doing nothing or being idle

Idioms & Expressions

  • bolt from the blue :: A sudden, unexpected event or piece of news that surprises someone
  • catch someone's eye :: To attract someone's attention
  • leave behind a legacy :: To create something that continues to exist or have an impact after one's involvement or influence has ended
  • lost touch :: To lose contact or communication with someone or something
  • neck of the woods :: A particular neighborhood or locality
  • on the go :: Constantly busy or active
  • push the envelope :: To go beyond the usual limits or boundaries, especially in order to innovate or excel
  • stand the test of time :: To prove effective, successful, or valuable over a long period of time
  • on par with :: Equal to or in alignment with

This is digital product. You will receive a link to download the PDF file after purchase.

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