Sunk Cost Fallacy & Gollum ~ English Worksheet

Sunk Cost Fallacy & Gollum ~ English Worksheet

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Enzo, a man living in a secluded manor, seeks the guidance of his wise butler to understand the concept of "sunk cost fallacy" he came across in his reading. The butler explains it using the example of Gollum and the ring from "The Lord of the Rings," highlighting the irrationality of holding onto something that is causing harm. They discuss how people often struggle to let go of sunk costs and make rational decisions based on current alternatives and future consequences. In the end, Enzo realizes the importance of letting go of sunk costs and making decisions that serve his best interests.

Level: Difficult Length: Medium

Worksheet pages: 27 Worksheet format: pdf

Worksheet Content: ✔️ Summary with Key Takeaways ✔️ Key Vocabulary ✔️ Comprehension Questions ✔️ True or False Statements ✔️ Connect Vocabulary to Definition ✔️ Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks ✔️ Phrasal Verbs Lesson ✔️ Phrasal Verbs Fill in the Blanks Exercises ✔️ Idioms and Phrases ✔️ Glossary ✔️ Answer Key

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