The Bridgerton Ball: Enzo's Journey Through High Society ~ English Lesson

The Bridgerton Ball: Enzo's Journey Through High Society ~ English Lesson

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Enzo and his Butler discuss the captivating first episode of Bridgerton, highlighting the opulence and drama of the show. They delve into the meaning of "diamond of the first water" and discuss the strategic social dynamics and challenges faced by the characters, setting the stage for more character development in future episodes. The conversation showcases the complexity of the characters and the intrigue of the storyline, leaving Enzo excited to watch the next episode.

Level: Intermediate Length: Medium

Sources Bridgerton: Diamond of the First Water (Season 1 Episode 1):

Worksheet pages: 35 Worksheet format: pdf

Worksheet Content

✔️ Summary with Key Takeaways ✔️ Key Vocabulary ✔️ Comprehension Questions ✔️ True or False Statements ✔️ Connect Vocabulary to Definition ✔️ Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks ✔️ Phrasal Verbs Lesson ✔️ Phrasal Verbs Fill in the Blanks Exercises ✔️ Idioms and Phrases ✔️ Glossary ✔️ Answer Key

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Key Vocabulary

  • narration :: The act of telling a story or describing events
  • captivating :: Holding the attention or interest of someone
  • spectacle :: A visually striking performance or display
  • debutante :: A young woman making her debut in high society
  • courtship :: The period during which a couple develop a romantic relationship
  • afford :: Have enough money or resources to be able to pay for
  • await :: To wait for
  • dissect :: To analyze or examine in detail
  • watchful :: Vigilant or observant
  • disdain :: A feeling of contempt or scorn
  • captivate :: To attract and hold the attention or interest of
  • reluctance :: Unwillingness or hesitation
  • unravel :: To solve or explain something complicated or unclear
  • opulence :: Great wealth and luxuriousness
  • intrigue :: A secret plan or scheme to achieve a specific goal

Phrasal Verbs

  • build on :: To develop or improve something that already exists by adding to it or making it stronger
  • delve into :: To explore or investigate deeply into a subject or topic.
  • fall behind :: To fail to keep up with others or with a standard of performance.
  • keep up with :: To maintain the same pace or standard as someone or something; to stay on par with or equal to someone or something in terms of success, wealth, status, etc.
  • reel SOMETHING in :: To attract or draw in someone's attention or interest.
  • speak of :: To mention or discuss a particular person or topic.

Idioms & Expressions

  • The early bird catches the worm :: The concept that being early or prompt can lead to success or an advantage.
  • a tough row to hoe :: A difficult task or situation that requires a lot of effort and perseverance to overcome
  • between a rock and a hard place :: To be in a difficult situation where you have to choose between two equally unpleasant options
  • break the mold :: To do something in a new or different way, not following traditional or expected patterns
  • calls the shots :: To be in control or make important decisions
  • diamond of the first water :: To describe something or someone of exceptional quality or excellence.
  • keep up with the Joneses :: To try to match or surpass the lifestyle or possessions of others, especially in terms of material wealth or social status.
  • kill two birds with one stone :: To accomplish two tasks at the same time by doing one thing
  • not all that glitters is gold :: * outward appearances can be deceptive, and something that looks appealing might not be valuable or genuine upon closer inspection*
  • setting the tone :: Establishing the mood or atmosphere for a particular situation or event.

This is digital product. You will receive a link to download the PDF file after purchase.

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